image building

Image building is the process of influencing the image the environment has of you/ your business/ an idea et cetera.
Influencing happens anyway, so you’d better be aware it happens! Every person tries to form an opinion of what he or she sees, reads, hears and the like. A decision will be made based on that idea.
Applied to web design: adapt images and colours of the website, logo, text, corporate identity to the audience that you hope to attract and that fits your company.

How would you like your company to come across?
Reliable? Experienced? Hip? Fast? Wise? Stable? Cozy? Innovative? Renowned?

Above all, keep the audience in mind that you are hoping to attract. What age category? What social background? What are they hoping to find?


Adding up image building, graphic design and marketing

We combine a unique name with image (logo & corporate identity) and then we create consistent marketing to support a consistent idea.
This way your company will stand out in the market, attract and retain loyal customers.


Don’t just say that your company is great.

  • Prove it. Right at the first glance on your homepage…. Show the difference
  • Prove that you deliver quality
  • And you go for it 100%
  • Keep in touch with your customers and your network.
  • Show that you are committed and  understand the ins and outs.

Like this! And a few more… and we will start a conversation. Remove the blind spots. 

graphic design


We design logos and banners for social media and create appealing announcements (high Click-through rate (CTR)) on your Facebook business page, Linked In, Google My Business, Twitter, Mailchimp Newsletter and of course your own website.

How about a temporary banner on your website to announce your next workshop? And then announcing this with a newsletter plus sharing this newsletter on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?
You get the picture…

staying connected

social media and your newsletter

A good example of a great marketing campaign that’s also good for your SEO is a blog article that is automatically sent as a newsletter by Mailchimp.
This can be set up by Pink Sun Webdesign. The style of the newsletter of course will match that of your website.
If the article is interesting and only part of the text is displayed (READ MORE…), many people will click through to the website (high CTR).
More traffic to the website is good for your SEO. PLUS: Many people will also take a look at other pages on the website!

Geen kletspraatjes: gewoon wat je te bieden hebt.

Aantrekkelijk, duidelijk en oprecht jouw product verkopen