Multi Language Website

The Hague is a very international city, so for a while I’d been planning to make an English translation for Pink Sun Webdesign.
There was, however, a considerable threshold: 
1 Translating takes quite some time … 
2 you have to figure out how you can best do it within Wordpress (with regard to SEO!, very important, next post will be about this) … and
3 one is so busy anyway!

When a (French) shop attentand in one of my favorite fashion stores addressed me in English summer 2018, I was a little surprised.
Nowadays I receive ballet lessons from a Thai lady in English and sometimes I am spoken to by the supermarket attendant in English.
In my street a building is being converted into an apartment complex for expats.

It is irrelevant whether you like it or not … the world is becoming more international and English is a leading language.

For me it took some getting used to, this English-speaking stuff in my little comfortable world, but I do think it also has a huge advantage:
There is ONE world and – in my opinion – the sooner we learn to speak ONE major language we – the Earthlings – can view each other in unity.
In the nearer future for Europe: 
Nowadays we have to be excessively influenced by the English speaking countries (sorry guys nothing wrong with you!!) just because we understand (and so watch/ read) their posts, news, videos rather than, for example, a German, French or Swedish equivalent, our cultural neighbours.
The sooner we’ll be used to communicating in English, the faster we’ll be able to propagate our ideals and democratic message to each other and to the world at large.

Apart from these ideas… just get pragmatic and gain a large audience (who may live just around the corner) with a multi language website for your business.
Don’t miss the boat. The reason many businesses have gone bankrupt these past decades is because they did not react quick enough to the rapid changes in our world.
Would you like to offer your services to international companies, expats, students, fellow Europeans, the list is endless? Let me know and I will give you an indication of the costs of a multi language version of your website.

Picture: the Tower of Babel (my title!) Photo by Hu Chen