website design & realization


    € 800 – € 2500, depending on size, artwork and functionalities
    Large websites | Webshops | Websites with special applications: request a free quote
  • When purchasing 2 or more websites you get 10% discount on the entire offer
  • Extra SEO at an hourly rate
  • Marketing advice at an hourly rate
  • Text writing on request
  • Photo reportage for website on request


what’s included?

  • UX design. Advice regarding the organization and presentation of the material *
  • Basic image building *
  • Design and construction of the website *
  • Basic marketing advice *
  • Basic photo editing in Photoshop (cropping, lighting, contrast & color intensity) for the photos of the website *
  • Guidance: creating a website is a process in which the client considers what he or she wants to show the world. That process is supervised by Pink Sun by dividing it into steps among other things *
  • Standard coding for the search engines (SEO title and meta description, H1 and H2 headlines, ALT texts for the photos) *
  • Secure connection (lock in address bar) + cookie notification
  • If needed: registration with Google Analytics, with anonymous cookies*
  • One month aftercare
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Valid until the last day of the aftercare. Not good = money back



  • Half of the agreed amount is paid at the start of the project
  • The other half is paid when the website goes online, or (at the latest) 3 months after the start of the project
  • The price that is agreed depends on what the order looks like at that moment. If during the process it appears that additional work is required, this will be discussed in advance
  • The client delivers all content (text and images). Except if it has been agreed (in advance or during the process) that Pink Sun will take care of this.

maintenance wordpress websites

  • STANDARD € 165 per year
    Weekly update check of WordPress and all the necessary plug ins. Monthly backup of your website.  Cleaning your website (overhead changes that you don’t need anymore) + minor changes to the website (<1 hour per year). Reduced rate of € 55 per hour for all Pink Sun services.
    Proactive advice on how to optimize the website and SEO during the year.
  • MAINTENANCE PLUS € 210 per year
    As with standard
    PLUS placing all BLOG content supplied by the customer and find / adjust and place photo material during the year

maintenance wix websites

€ 65 per year

Because Wix does the updates itself, but the mobile version is often upside down: visit every quarter and adjust the mobile version if necessary. Minor changes to the website (<1 hour). A proactive attitude (thinking with you). Reduced rate of € 55 per hour for all Pink Sun services

SEO contract

Recommended for every company that wants to be rank high on Google!

Monitoring of findability, changes in text, SEO title, meta description, coding image material with a report with findings and advice 1x per half year, research Google Analytics € 17 per month


graphic design

  • Design logo from € 150 onwards
  • Design business card € 75
  • Design flyers and vouchers € 150
  • Design folders from € 225
  • Design newsletter Mailchimp € 150
  • Design stationery € 150
  • GIFs and animations at an hourly rate



  • hourly rate: € 75
  • hourly rate for our customers with a maintenance contract: € 55
  • rush rate: € 85
  • rush rate evening and weekend: € 125


All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT